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About Neurocode

Our core mission is to provide best-in-class clinical testing to patients and doctors, filling unmet needs in neurodiagnostics.




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World-class testing solutions for neurological disorders

Neurocode is a specialized clinical laboratory that offers world-class testing solutions for neurological disorders

We have developed best-in-class testing methods that use the latest technology platforms and techniques. We are a skilled team of PhD and medical laboratory scientists in our CAP/CLIA lab in Bellingham, WA. Our innovative high-precision assays empower neurologists with dependable results to ensure patients receive the best care.

Our Mission

Innovating for Wellness

Our mission is to improve quality of life by accelerating medical knowledge and advancing the management of disease.

Our Values

Patient Centric


We understand and feel compassion for the journey that a patient experiences. Our services are aligned with the needs – whether unmet or existing – of every individual patient. We strongly believe that what is good for the patients will be good for us in the long run.

Comprehensive Support & Learning Resources


We strive to be the best at what we do through incessant improvement and enhancement in our methods, offerings, and knowledge. We push boundaries and stay ahead of the field through innovation and learning.

Commitment to Diagnostic Excellence


We deliver our services with honesty and a sense of responsibility towards all stakeholders. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of accuracy, organization, and timeliness. Development is not always progress and we will strive to equate them.

Fast Reliable Results


We acknowledge the greater good in sharing knowledge and collaborating for the advancement of the field. We achieve success by communicating efficiently internally and externally with all our partners. Our actions inspire colleagues to work along the same lines.



We acknowledge and appreciate that the diversity, background and choices of every individual impacts our organization.

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Media Mentions Around the World

Discover how Neurocoed’s cutting-edge research and innovations have garnered attention from top media outlets worldwide. Explore our press coverage to see how we’re shaping the conversation on neurology diagnostics.