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Top-of-the-Line testing with Neurocode
Neurodegenerative disease biomarkers

Top-of-the-Line Diagnostic Testing for Alzheimer's Disease

Neurocode offers a uniquely comprehensive fleet of plasma and CSF biomarker assays for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders.

Our new blood test for p-Tau 217 offers unmatched accuracy for Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Available now for clinical use in our CAP/CLIA laboratory.

We have a streamlined ordering system to make the process convenient and stress-free, for patients and providers.

Fast Reliable Results

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We strive to make the ordering process as seamless as possible to allow you to quickly and easily order tests, saving you time and reducing administrative burdens.




We understand that trust is paramount in medicine. Our pioneering technology and elite expertise give you confidence in the accuracy of results so that you can focus on the well-being of your patients.

Comprehensive Support & Learning Resources

Comprehensive Support & Learning Resources

Our team offers individualized support at every step of the way. Explore our detailed ordering instructions, review literature, and evaluate what value our testing can bring to your practice.

For Patients & Caretakers For Patients & Caretakers
Neuroimmunology Testing

Unparalleled Sensitivity for Myasthenia Gravis Autoantibodies

Neurocode has the only live cell-based assay for AChR antibodies in the U.S. Licensed from Oxford University for exclusive use across North America, this test provides maximum sensitivity and specificity.

Our myasthenia gravis panel, including MuSK and LRP4 assays, is just one of many world-class neuroimmunology tests we offer. Learn how our testing can make a difference for your patients.

Commitment to Diagnostic Excellence

Alzheimer's Disease

We have an unparalleled offering of tests to help diagnose Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders. These state-of-the-art assays provide valuable insight into the condition behind your symptoms to empower doctors to provide you the best care possible. Learn how we can help you or your loved one.

Patient Centric


We understand the unique challenges that patients face when it comes to neuroimmune disorders. Our goal is to provide a solution to months and years of frustration chasing an answer that feels like it will never come. Neurocode specializes in cell-based assays that offer unrivaled sensitivity in the detection of antibodies.


Comprehensive Support

Timely Results

You’ve waited long enough for the answers you are seeking. Neurocode promises fast reliable delivery of test results to help get you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Diagnostic Solutions

Neurocode offers nothing but the top-of-the-line testing solutions: if our assay can’t compete with the best of the best, we work tirelessly to improve it before bringing it to patients.

We maintain a very narrow specialization to ensure we can focus on creating elite diagnostic solutions.

Answers for a Healthier Future

If you’re seeking answers and clarity regarding your neurological health, Neurocode is here to help. Explore our ever-expanding testing options, then reach out to our dedicated team of caring experts for insights into how we can meet your needs.

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More than 30+ of Available Tests for Diagnosing Neurological Disorders:

Neurocode Clinical Laboratory Testing solutions for neurological disorders

About Neurocode Laboratory

Neurocode is a highly specialized clinical laboratory made up of a skilled team of PhD and medical laboratory scientists. Our decades of expertise make us a leader in neurology testing, and out combination of cutting-edge technology with extensive research collaborations helps us deliver the most accurate and reliable results. Join us in our dedication to improving diagnostics and patient care.

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Learn about the research that keeps us at the bleeding edge of innovation

Our drive to push the boundaries of diagnostic possibilities requires close integration with researchers and clinical trials. Explore the cutting-edge research that supports our revolutionary diagnostic solutions.